307 Wharf Road

Ealand, Crowle

North Lincolnshire


01724 711223

Email: info@sgdaynursery.co.uk



Nursery fees are tailored to your specific childcare requirements, which will be discussed at your initial introduction.  


Free places are available (up to 15 hours) for children from the age of 2. Specific requirements apply, so please contact us for further information.


These free hours can be used during term times or stretched over 51 weeks.


Nursery fees are due on a monthly basis and must be paid on time to avoid overdue balance charges. Unpaid fees will result in termination of your child’s placement.


Please note: fees must continue to be paid if your child is off sick or if your child is absent from nursery (if you take a holiday or for any other reason). Fees are also due for all National Bank Holidays.


For the week where the nursery is closed over Christmas, there are no fees to pay and this is reflected in your December statement.