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KEY persons

As soon as your child starts their learning journey with us at nursery they are assigned a key worker.


A keyworker is a member of staff that works in the same room as your child attends.


Your child’s keyworker will oversee their developments and achievements.  


Your child’s key worker monitor and assess everything your child does.

They are not one to one. Other staff will be involved in your child’s development and may even observe on behalf of your child’s keyworker.


Through continuous observations, this enables your child’s keyworker to identify strengths and weakness that will support in your child’s development and     enhance their skills.


They will be known to your child and will support them in settling in their environment.  


As your child’s moves to different rooms they will be assigned a new keyworker, and information will be passed from one keyworker to another.


Regular room meetings take place to allow other staff to discuss any issues or areas that may be required for additional support.


Key Persons